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We study your business and present your product or service to customers. We look for the best sales channels and analyze the effectiveness of advertising.


Hello! My name is Olexander Shtelmakh and I will tell you the story of our studio. I started to study website development back in 2004. In 2010 I made my first website to promote my first business.

I was launching new projects – online stores, sites for making money from advertising, educational sites, and my experience was growing with each new successful site.

The information that I was developing websites, quickly spread by law and I always had orders for the development of sites from other businesses and organizations.

The more sites for development, the more I delved into the structure of the business, accumulated contacts, and discovered new business niches. Often I was the creator of the business concept, shaping the selling proposition, branding and selecting domain names, finding new suppliers and weaknesses in the business, creating new services, developing promotion strategies, and bringing projects to a new sustainable level of profit.

The tools of my work went far beyond my beloved CMS WordPress. I became a specialist in search engine optimization and online advertising.

The number of clients was growing, and I could no longer physically cope with the volume of work. I began to form a team of people who can manage my business online and customer projects. Our team consists of a developer, designer, copywriter, server engineer, content maker, and content manager.

The war in Ukraine, in our native and peaceful country, has forced some of us to leave our homes and our customers mostly have suspended their business for an indefinite period.

My team is open to new projects and we are covering all the needs of our current customers during this difficult time.




Experience gained during 12 years, 31 big projects, 22 clients, helped us to form 6 major principles which we stick in our work:

1. The site should not be creative and intricate, but selling and effective.

All functional elements on the site should be aimed at conversions. We shouldn’t teach the user new and incomprehensible interfaces. When placing an order on the site – make the user fill out a lot of fields. A lot and complicated – not always good and necessary.

2. Maintaining and updating the site is very important, technology changes very quickly.

Search engine requirements such as SSL certificate, mobile-friendly, caching, image optimization, and more – have left many people without earnings who choose to ignore the new requirements for sites. Any business should ruthlessly bid farewell to old versions of sites or upgrade their sites if the site architecture provides for it.

3. Website development is only 30% of the amount of work it takes to present a business online.

Today is the age of omnichannel, visitors to the site need to be attracted from different sources. Different sources of traffic can give different results. The technical requirements for the site are enormous and no one has yet been able to make the perfect site. Imagine, there are over 1,200 factors that affect search engine rankings. There is always something to improve and optimize.

4. Everyone who accurately guarantees you the number of transactions for a certain cost is a liar.

There are no methods for accurately predicting earnings from the money invested. Promoting a product, it’s constant experimentation and works with the audience. It is necessary to close the need of the potential buyer and without experimentation and analysis, it is impossible to know the value of the attracted customer.

5. Author's text and photos are very important. Your personal experience and journey are extremely valuable.

The most important element of the site remains unique and quality content, break down myths and talk about your unique experience. This is very important for search engine promotion because free organic traffic from search engines is something we should strive for.

6. Dumping prices is bad, selling much cheaper than your competitors, you ruin your business.

To sell a product or service at a price acceptable to your business, you need to find your audience. To ensure that the value of your offer corresponds to its market price – unique it, give more than your competitors. If there is nothing too unique – offer emotions! Love, friendliness, care, and warmth.


Regardless of the type of site, whether it is a complex online store or a landing page, the terms of reference for the development of the site are built from the following blocks. This is not a list of all possible work on the site, but only an illustration of the stages of work with a shortlist of tasks.


  • customer insight
  • formation of the concept of online business
  • study the strengths and weaknesses of the business
  • market depth analysis
  • searching for the best models and sales channels
  • formation of terms of reference

Website modules

  • live chat
  • call back from the site
  • video hosting integration
  • feedback form
  • mailing list subscription system
  • scalable Google Map
  • anti-spam tools
  • and much more

SEO optimization

  • basic internal optimization
  • hiding and banning the indexing of non-unique blocks and external links
  • building a proper page linking
  • tag H1, H2…H5 for SEO optimization
  • creating SEO URLs (simple and clear links to pages)
  • setting robots.txt
  • breadcrumbs – site navigation bar
  • generating XML sitemap and more

Quality assurance

  • testing the efficiency of the server part
  • detecting 404 errors on the site
  • eliminating possible plugin conflicts
  • performance testing in cached mode
  • testing of all site elements
  • mobile version testing

Integration of external services

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Merchant
  • Facebook pixel
  • Sendinblue, MailChimp and other email marketing services
  • payment gateways


  • analysis and selection of the color scheme of the site
  • naming and domain selection
  • logo design or adaptation of the logo for the site
  • favicon – website icon
  • testing of ideas within the team for the absence of style conflicts
  • search for emotionality associated with the brand
  • development of a bank of ideas for
  • filling the site

Content work

  • sliders and image galleries
  • design and layout of information blocks
  • site commenting system
  • icons with links to social networks
  • news flow on the site from
  • Instagram and Facebook feed
  • and much more

Mobile technologies

  • adaptive design for all devices (tablets, smartphones and older cell phones)
  • mobile menu
  • optimization of images and graphics for mobile traffic
  • mobile interface development
  • testing and correction of adaptive design for different devices

Attracting outstaffers

  • writing SEO texts
  • working with massive tabular data
  • video shooting and editing
  • translations of texts and sites into other languages
  • graphic design and logos

Content advertising Google Adwords

  • keyword collection
  • minus-word collection
  • audience definition
  • linking to analytics
  • setting conversion targets
  • create and customize ads
  • daily support and check the status of the advertisement

Server side

  • hosting setup
  • database creation and setup
  • image compression
  • server optimization and acceleration
  • SSL security certificate
  • security settings
  • site caching
  • daily backup of the site


  • online store functionality – shopping cart, product filters
  • mail routing, notification system for customers and administrator
  • varied products
  • parsing of products from third-party sites
  • import of goods and price lists to the site
  • enhanced ecommerce in google analytics


  • working out the usability and
  • implementation of the best UX practices on the site
  • templates from the best graphic designers
  • the unique adaptation of templates to the customer’s project
  • individual layout of functional blocks
  • development of logos and selection of thematic graphics

Website maintenance

  • control over backups
  • server monitoring and control
  • server anti-virus protection
  • content update

Targeted advertising Facebook, Instagram

  • creating and setting up a business account
  • defining and creating audiences
  • linking to analytics
  • Facebook pixel setup
  • drawing graphic ads
  • conversion targets setting
  • daily support and check the status of the ads


We create websites for businesses that are ready to sell their products or services. Key competencies and specializations: web pages, corporate websites, online stores.


Each of us likes to work, we are leading our own successful projects and united on the tasks that face ONVED. Fast communication, live communication, and clear division of responsibilities are the basis of our effective work.

Oleksander Shtelmakh - WordPress themes and plugins customization, ecommerce specialist, Google Adwords

Oksana Shtelmakh - SMM specialist, content maker, Instagram project manager

Yurii Pyshnyi - IT engineer, server administrator, WordPress optimization specialist, data security

Daria Malakhmedova - photographer, retouching and color correction, video editing


Write to us and we’ll discuss your future site with you.